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Suzette A. Hill was born in 1941 in Eastbourne, Sussex, but her life has led her to
several other locations - the Midlands, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Berkshire -
 and finally in retirement to Ledbury in Herefordshire.
Although being an English graduate of two universities and having taught ‘English Literature all her professional life, she never contemplated doing any creative writing herself. It was only when she was sixty-four and well retired, that out of idle curiosity she thought she might try her hand at a short story - just to see what writing fiction felt like. And to her
ongoing surprise A Load of Old Bones was the result.
Since then Suzette has written ten further books.

Twitter: @MWCravenUK

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Marissa de Luna is an author with a passion for travel and adventure. Marissa grew up in Goa before she moved to Oxford where she now lives.

But her time spent in Goa has always been an inspiration to her. On a recent trip there, in awe of the tranquility and charm of the rural villages, she conceived the idea of Detective Chupplejeep.

Jackpot Jetty is the third book in the Chupplejeep mystery series set in rural Goa, although Marissa is the author of six books.