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“When a murder is satisfied, it isn’t the beginning of the story; it’s the middle. We shouldn’t forget that fact because murder has ripples.​”

Ian Rankin

Mystery Lists

In 1997 I set up a spread sheet categorising mysteries by type, e.g., Art, Bookshops Clerical, Historical, Journalist,  Medical, Golfing, Historical, Journalist, Police Procedurals, Scuba Diving, Halloween, Christmas and so forth. Currently I have  66,829 titles analysed into 315 different categories.  
Also 164 categories of mysteries sorted by place, i.e. in which countries, or cities they are set.
I have decided to post the links to these lists to this website. But it will take time. Meanwhile if anyone is seeking a particular list of mysteries please email me and I will send you whatever list you require, if I have it.

April Fool’s Day Mysteries
Book Club Mysteries
Bookshop Mysteries
Cafe / Restaurant Mysteries
Chocolate Mysteries
Christmas Mysteries
Conference Mysteries
Culinary Mysteries
Easter Mysteries.
New Year Mysteries
St Patrick’s Day Mysteries
Valentine Day Mysteries